The Aid Management Platform

The AMP is a web-based tool designed to enable improved government planning and nationally led development strategies. The AMP relies on a strong partnership between the Government of the Lao PDR and Development Partners (DP’s) active in country to maintain accurate, timely information in the AMP database. DP’s are responsible for providing project level information and data to the AMP system, and the AED office manages the flow of information and supports the efforts of the development partners who use the AMP. The benefits of AMP implementation include:

– Enhanced ability to report and track Official Development Assistance (ODA) flows

– Manage aid projects and documents

– Improve Government coordination with Development Partners

– Create and disseminate custom reports and analysis

– Align resources with national plans/priorities

– Perform Impact Evaluation and results monitoring

– A strengthened capability to manage development assistance with the Public Investment Portfolio

– Enhanced support to monitor the principles underlying the Vientiane Declaration on Aid Effectiveness


The AMP is funded with support from UNDP, The World Bank, and OECD. The system is implemented by Development Gateway, Inc. The AMP system is currently active in 25 countries around the world. The Government of the Lao PDR fully implemented its own AMP system in 2011. To date, the DIC/MPI identified and trained 33 Data Focal Agents (DP/DFAs) from 33 Development Partner organisations and agencies active in the Lao PDR (see below). DP’s provide regular information on DP funded activities in support of the successful implementation of the 7th NSEDP via quarterly on-line updates directly into the system. To further facilitate the accessibility of the AMP, DIC/MPI established an AMP support desk in May of 2011. Increasing the scope and spectrum of the AMP is an ongoing process with development partners throughout the Lao PDR. The Government is firmly committed to increasing the spectrum of information in the AMP by bringing on board all development partners active in the Lao PDR.